How Does S88 Builder Work?

How Does S88 Builder Work?

S88 Builder provides a complete process development and control solution.

S88 Builder Studio

Configuration starts with the S88 Builder Studio. The S88 Builder Studio is the editor used to build a database model of your process. The S88 Builder Engine in the PLC/PAC uses the model make your system work. Using the Studio, a user configures the various hardware devices such as pumps, valves, drives and tanks that make up a process line or cell. The user then configures tasks that utilize these devices.
How does the S88 Builder Studio work?

S88 Builder Engine

The S88 Builder Engine is installed in the PLC/PAC using the manufacturer’s software. Once the process system model is complete, it is transferred to the S88 Builder Engine in the PLC/PAC.

The Engine interprets the configuration data to control the devices and execute the configured tasks per operator command or by a sequence of operations. In a batch application, the sequence of operations may be a recipe in one of many batch management products such as Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Batch. Unless special customizations are required, there is absolutely no additional PAC programming to develop.
How does the S88 Builder Engine work?

S88 Builder Faceplates and Objects

S88 Builder faceplates and graphical objects are imported into an HMI application. These faceplates and objects are designed to utilize the process model to provide information to an operator and to allow that operator to manage tasks and manipulate devices.

These faceplates are graphical objects that are ready to use out-of-the-box and will transform to your configuration. If the configuration changes, the faceplates adapt without HMI programming. All of the S88 Builder features and benefits are built-in to these objects, providing you with great speed in development and consistency in operation.
How do the S88 Builder HMI objects work?
How do I build an S88 Builder solution?