S88 Builder is a Totally
New Approach to
Process Control Software

What is S88 Builder?

  • S88 Builder is currently offered on a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix® platform. Versions for other PLC/PAC platforms are under development.
  • S88 Builder is currently offered on the FactoryTalk® View SE and Ignition® HMI platforms. Versions for other popular platforms are under development.

Configure with S88 Builder—without Programming.

Traditional Programming

To implement a control valve in a traditional PLC/PAC or DCS control system a programmer must add —

  • Code to support the instrument
  • Faceplate for the instrument
  • Code for alarms
  • Code to support the control valve
  • Faceplate for the control valve
  • Code in the controller and/or in the HMI to turn pipe segments a color that reflects status and/or material currently in the pipe segment
  • Task code that defines when the control valve should control
  • Code in n other tasks that defines when the control valve should be interlocked

Code development must be done on-line or the process must be stopped to download the changes.

S88 Builder Configuration

A process-knowledgeable person (not necessarily a
programmer) can add –

  • New instrument to the instrument list
  • New control valve to the control valve list
  • PID controller to the PID controller list
  • Task that teams-up the instrument, valve and PID controller and may interlock other devices to the task table
  • Valve number to an interlocked list in n other tasks in the task table

Because the program is not changed, the data model changes can be tested offline. When proven, the additional and modified data rows are written to the controller data table.