S88 Builder Specifications


S88 Builder is a process control solution built to the ISA-S88 standards. S88 Builder is built to support all the major types of control devices and instruments used in a process control system. Devices and instruments not supported by S88 Builder, can be created by ECS Solutions, or any engineer experienced with PLC/PAC operation and with the ISA-S88 standard.

Configurable Devices (Control Modules): Variable speed drives, motor starters, heaters, mix proof valves, PID, control valves, solenoid valves, interfaces, discrete outputs, etc.

Configurable Tasks (Equipment Modules): Heat, agitate, transfer, ingredient additions, recirculate, clean in place and more.

Configurable Analog Instruments: Flow, viscosity, level, pressure, conductivity, pH, temperature (RTD, thermocouples), and more.

Configurable Discrete Instruments: Level, temperature, pushbuttons, sensors (i.e., flow plate) and more.

Currently Supported Platforms

  • PLC/PAC: ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SoftLogix
  • HMI: FactoryTalk View SE, Wonderware InTouch, Inductive Automation Ignition
  • Batch Management Software: FactoryTalk Batch, LBSM